Intermodal Services


Memphis City Cartage’s approach to intermodal trucking is trustworthy and time-sensitive.

intermodalWe’re the ones to call when you need to plug into a seamless intermodal shipping system to get the job done. Within a 250-mile radius, we’re happy to take your goods on the next part of their journey.

At Memphis City Cartage, we’re just one link in an extraordinary intermodal shipping network, with considerable drayage capacity. Intermodal shipping as a whole is a cost effective and flexible method of goods transport because each mode of transportation is utilized to the part of the journey to which it’s most needed.

Memphis City’s intermodal trucking provides a much-needed piece of the intermodal transport puzzle.

Our trucks move container traffic from point A to point B and we will carry whatever you need – from temperature-controlled containers to hazardous cargo.

Among the many benefits of intermodal transport is that you’re able to comfortably trust your goods to many different forms of transportation. The ease of an intermodal container is that sensitive goods don’t need to be handled and shipping methods can change as needed. Intermodal networks even promote a more eco-friendly, green environment. Memphis City’s intermodal trucking services are part of a system that supports overall green initiatives.

Not only can we handle a variety of freight, but we’re also effective and time tested. Since we opened our doors in 2002, we’ve provided customers with excellent customer service and reliable trucking. At Memphis City Cartage, we believe that there’s no higher goal for us than your satisfaction.