Container Storage


You have to keep your cargo on the move. Are you in need of intermodal container storage? We can help.

Memphis City Cartage provides container storage for single and full business cluster storage to facilitate the transit of your cargo from originating point and to its destination. We provide a full array of storage services so that you can keep your business moving and entrust your transport logistics to Memphis City Cartage.

Short Term Warehousing


For over a decade, Memphis City Cartage has offered short term warehousing as a storage solution for clients.

At Memphis City Cartage, we hold the belief that your supply chain is representative of your company’s needs. Therefore, we treat your business and your priorities as our own. No supply chain is one size fits all. Our short term warehousing serves as a foundation of the excellent customer service and honest communication that we’re known for, while tailoring storage needs to fit the essential requirements of your cargo.

Safe and secure cargo handling is a key part of our long-term success. To that end, we provide real-time data that will give you clear inventory visibility. Memphis City Cartage, always known for accurate, on time delivery, is fully committed to offering temporary, short-term storage to facilitate time sensitive transports. We’ll consolidate cargo as well as store goods for future shipment.

Our short-term warehousing services are cost effective and can easily fit into any company budget. With storage solutions uniquely designed with your needs in mind, Memphis City Cartage’s short term warehousing services are perfect for clients of all kinds.

Memphis City Cartage’s warehousing solutions offer the peace of mind that comes with fully alarmed, high-tech security systems, including emergency sprinkler systems throughout the entire warehouse.

Since 2002, we’ve been your trusted choice for short term warehousing. The years may have gone by, but our goal still remains consistent: to provide you with not only clear communication and excellent customer service, but convenient and cost effective short term storage solutions.